Panel Beater (Dent Puller) without battery

Panel Beater (Dent Puller) without battery

PB-1100 Panel Beater WITHOUT the Battery:

Ship UPS Ground and Save.

Portable battery-operated Dent Puller. Capable of 2000 AMP output, equipped with internal charging unit. 

Battery not included- Battery must be added by Customer. Visit your local automotive battery supplier to get your battery

Minimum Battery Requirement:

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Maintenance Free

Cold Cranking Amp Rating

Recommended Battery:

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1000 Cold Cranking Amp Rating

Simple to use "Stick, Pull, Twist."

Please note: Canadian, rural and residential deliveries with special conditions may require additional shipping charges

Patented design features the only Battery Powered Dent Puller on the market.

Get dents pulled faster and more efficiently with the Panel Beater from AIM.

Protects "E" Coating.  No pinholes to fill. 

Standard Equipment Included:

  • Automatic Timer
  • Dent Puller Bar
  • Magnetic Ground
  • Control Handle with Shrink Tip and Electrode Holder
  • 5-Pack of Dent Pulling Electrodes