MIG Welders

MIG Welders


This is the world's first battery-powered pulse MIG welder.  

A battery-powered workhorse that delivers more than 350 amps of welding power while providing strong, spatter-free, and consistent welds on today's most demanding materials.

The IntuPulse Hybrid Pulse Mig is offered in three configurations to meet a wide variety of shop and material requirements.   Every Intupulse is charged from 110-volt power and offers hours of welding output with its onboard battery. 

No generators. No Limits.  The IntuPulse MIG Welder series from AIM.

  • 350+ amps welding power
  See features for IntuPulse™ 350, plus:   
  • Three torch operation: Pre-load three different types of wire and two different gas cylinders
  • Pulsed MIG featuring AIM's DC IntuPulse™ technology 
  • All-weather rugged cabinet suitable for truck mounting
  • Trigger-based selection: IntuPulse™ 350 Multi Tool automatically senses and switches gas and wire feeds
  • Two internal 1000+ CCA Group 65 AGM  batteries pre-installed 
  • Convenient eyehook for easy lifting & loading
  • Two reliable dual-drive wire feed motors
  • Fan-cooled 
  • Charging compatibility: Charging system works with most off-the-shelf and new factory installed truck inverters
  • Two high-quality 250-amp MIG torches with pivoting handles and 12-foot cables
  • High-quality 250-amp MIG torch with a pivoting handle attached to 10-foot cable 
  • Extended length ground cable 
  • 21-foot extended cable with a high quality spool gun (standard) with built-in drive
  • 1/0 gauge 12-foot long ground cable with quality, rugged clamp
  • AGM Group 65 batteries standard
  • Dual gas cylinder rear tray assembly standard
  • Easy access raised torch & cable holder
  • Shop flexibility: Available wheel cradle available for easily moving the welder in and around the shop 
  • Pulsed MIG operation w/AIM's DC IntuPulse™ Technology 
  • 5 pack of contact tips
  • Operate with traditional manual settings or AIM’s unique Synergic Programming
  • Internal switch for use of AIM’s spool gun
  • Quick-access polarity change for flux core wire (IntuPulse™  350 & IntuPulse™  350 HD) 
  • 110v 15-amp incoming power (for internal charging units)
  • 8-foot power cord



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