Panel Beater (Dent Pullers)

Panel Beater (Dent Pullers)


The Panel Beater is the original and only portable battery-powered dent puller used in the automotive repair industry. No more pins, no more MIG welding and very little clean up make the Panel BeaterTM a must for any auto body, hot rod, or restoration shop. 

FAST: Repair damaged areas in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

VERSATILE: Stretch or shrink metal.

SAFE: Unlike AC powered pullers, the Panel Beater is sensitive to the OEM protective coatings. 

PRECISE: Clean pinpoint repairs. 

EFFECTIVE: Return on Investment in weeks not years. 

PORTABLE: Battery powered portability. 


Maximum Amperage:  Up to 2000 amps.    Ground Magnet: Easy to use magnetic ground cable mounted on 10 feet of cable.   Cabinet Construction: Heavy Duty 12 & 16 Gauge Steel
Voltage: 14v max   Battery Condition Monitoring: Battery Status LED Indicator Light   Cabinet Finish: Durable & Visible Bright Orange & Black Powder Coat.
Weld Time Control: Adjustable Automatic Timer.    Duty Cycle: Operates all day on a full charge.   Wheels: Semi-pneumatic w/Integrated bearings, solid rubber casters.
Operating Mechanism: Simple push button operation.   Dent Pulling Electrodes: : Serviceable & Replaceable.   Weight: Approx. 140 lbs. w/battery (shipping weight less than 200 lbs).
Operating Power Source: DC—Commercial Grade Group 31 AGM.   Dent Pulling Tool: Versatile pry bar (standard).   Warranty: 1-Year/ 2-year Battery Warranty from Battery Manufacturer.
Charging System: Integrated 10 amp Charging Unit (110v Source).   Metal Shrinking Capabilities: Yes with integrated shrink tip (standard).   OEM Performance: Used IN OEM factories in US & Canada
Control Handle Construction: Durable Aluminum with comfortable foam grip.    Pin/Stud Welding: Yes via the integrated shrink tip.   Manufacturing Location: Made in the U.S.A.
Control Handle Cable: 10-foot lead of 1/0 size cable.   Wave Wire Welding: Yes with optional & replaceable wave wire welding tip.      


Save on shipping by providing your own battery, choose Item # PB-1100. 

If you prefer to have your Panel Beater with factory provided battery, choose Item # PB-1000